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Lighting:Floor- and table lamps (41) Ceiling lamps (42) Design (5) Other (161)
Pictorial art:Paintings (910) Watercolour (181) Drawings (104) Lithographics (180) Other (60)
Bronze, copper, pewter etc.:Bronze (92) Copper, brass (226) Pewter (120) Other (14)
Books, postcards, maps:Books, fiction (2) Books, non-fiction (12) Postcards (8) Maps (26) Other (2)
Glass:Drinking glass (90) Decanters (82) Vases (46) Art glass (61) Other (180)
Pottery and stoneware:Figurines (20) Design (169) Other (149)
Furniture:Tables (49) Chairs (30) Farmer furniture (22) Other (102)
Furniture, design:Other (4)
Coins & stamps:Coins (2) Stamps (6) Medals (19) Other (1)
Porcelain and faience:Parts for dinner- coffee sets (163) Figurines (46) Vases (35) Plates (59) Other (236)
Jewellery, gold:Finger rings (21) Arm- and neck jewellery (7) Other (14)
Jewellery, silver:Finger rings (24) Arm- and neck jewellery (150) Other (149)
Jewellery, double etc.:Arm- and neck jewellery (86) Other (80)
Silver:Holloware (96) Flatware (147) Other (66)
Silverplate:Holloware (8) Flatware (4) Other (13)
Textiles:Carpets, rugs (9) Clothing (1) Other (12)
Clocks, watches:Pocket- and wrist watches (16) Clocks (5) Other (34)
Various:Toys (38) Weapons & Militaria (46) Etnografica (68) Oriental (389) Other (499)

Category: Various >> Oriental

Large Chinese bowl, famille vert, 19th century.
Chinese bronze censer, 19/20. century.
Chinese wood cut with flute-playing boy on a bull. 20th . . .
Chinese wood carving of Buddha, 20th century.
Chinese eight-edged famille rose porcelain dish, Qianlong
Japanese octagon shaped gold imari dish, 19th century.
Chinese bird cage of bamboo and metal. 20 thC.
Large Chinese bojan, decorated in blue. 19 C.
Japanese embroidery with trane, approx. 1900
Japanese embroidery with trane, approx. 1900th
Japanese oval satsuma table mirror in faience, 20th century
Chinese vase, porcelain, famille rose, 20th century.
Japanese blue-painted dish, 19th century.
Imari dish, approx.1850. Japan
Card game box, Japan, 1900s.
Chinese table wood lamp, 20th century
Ancient Buddha in Sandstone, Korea - Earthfound.
Antique cup - Earthfound - Korea.
Wood face, doll 19. /20. C. Korea.
Chinese porcelain Chien Lung 1735 - 1796 bowl, famille rose.
Japanese Satsuma vase, 19th century
Antique Korean drink cups, clay, earthfound.
Chinese hatstand, in porcelain, 19th century.
Chinese jade tree, 20th century.
Chinese pewter cylinder, 19th century.
Japanese satsuma vase, 19th century.
Oriental bronze tripod censer, 19/20. century.
Pair of Chinese eating sticks, 19. /20. century.
Pair of silver eat sticks, China, 20th century. With ena . . .
Chinese arm ring in silver, 19/20. century.
Blue - white porcelain plate, 19th century. China.
Japanese porcelain dish, Kutani, 19th century.
Japanese Imari Plate, 19/20. century.
Two small porcelain bowls, Tao Kuang (1821 - 1851), China.
Imari Vase, 19th Century. Japan.
Chinese gold plated cut with birds and foliage, 19th cen . . .
Japanese Wakizashi sword, 19th century.
Chinese porcelain lamp. 19th century
Pair of Japanese Satsuma vases. 19th century
Chinese artist (19th century) A sailing ship in high sea.
Chinese figure of dragon, 19/20. Bronze.
Famille rose porcelain plate, Qianlong, 18th century. China.
Famille rose porcelain plate, Qianlong, 18th century. China.
Chinese bojan with wooden lid, 20th century.
Chinese bojan, 20th century. Blue painted.
Pair of antique Chinese cloissonne vases, 19th century.
Japanese Imari plate. 19th century
A pair of Chinese bowls from a Chinese Canton enamel din . . .
Chinese porcelain lid bowl. Famille verte. 19th century
Chinese porcelain bowl. Famille rose. 19th century
Chinese porcelain table lamp, 19/20. century.
Chinese portrait. Gouache on paper. 19th century
Indian copper / bronze container for burnt lime, 19th ce . . .
Indian bronze container for burned lime, 19th century.
Chinese porcelain bowl, famille rose, 19th century.
Japanese flower vase in porcelain. Ca. 1900th
Pair of antique hang Japanese vases. app. 1900
Chinese bowl, approx.1780.
Chinese bowl, 1800-1850.
Chinese cup in porcelain. 18. Jh
Pair of Chinese porcelain vases. 19th century. Family rose.
Chinese lidjar, porcelain, 20th century.
Imari vase, Japan. Porcelain. 19/20. century.
Chinese tea caddy in porcelain, 19th century.
Chinese porcelain can, 19th century.
Temple in carved bone, China. app. 1900.
Cloisonne floor vase. 20th century China.
Playing nod doll, China. 19th.
Japanese card game box. 20thC.
Satsuma vase, Japan, approx. 1900.
Japanese porcelain vase, approx. 1900
Satsuma vase. Kozan. Japan 19th century.
China table lamp of porcelain, 20th century.
Satsuma vase. 19th Century. Japan.
Imari Dish, 19th Century. Japan.
Imari Dish, 19th Century. Japan.
Japanese Imari Porcelain Plate, 19th Century.
Imari Porcelain Plate, Japan. 19th century
Imari Porcelain Plate, Japan. 19th century
Imari Porcelain Plate, Japan. 19th century
Imari Porcelain Plate, Japan. 19th century
Chinese Tee pot. 19th century
Great Imari dish, 19th century. Japan
Japanese bojan. Faience. 1900.
Porcelain plate, Japan.
Chinese porcelain brush pot, 20th century.
Blue-white decorated bojan, 19th century. China.
Chinese hat stand, painted porcelain, 19th century.
Couple of Chinese temple lions in hardwood. 19th century
Japanese dish. Imari. 19th century
Imari plate. Japan. 19th century
Imari plate. Japan. 19th century
Japanese porcelain dish, 20th century.
Cloissonne vase, China, 20th century.
Umbrella stand. China. 20th C.
Satsuma vase, 19th century. Japan
Chinese dish. Bluewhite, with landscape scenery, Chien-L . . .
Pair of Satsuma vases, Japan, 19th. century.
Japanese Imari pen tray, 19th century. Porcelain.
Tibetan Thangka, 20th century.

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