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Category: Silverplate >> Other

Wine coaster, silver plated, 20th century Hugo Grün, Cop . . .
Pair of silver plated candlesticks, 19th century England.
Silver plated wine tray with wooden base, 20th century E . . .
Plet de Menage, 19th century. England.
Plet de menage, silver plated, 19th century. With 4 bottles.
Vie water container, silver-plated brass, 19th century.
Letter Press as a dog, 20th century.
A pair of classic English silver plated telescopic candl . . .
Seal, 10th Cent.
Small silver plated tray, 19th cent.
Sickle - silver plated metal, c. 1920
Plet de menage, about 1900. England. Silver plated.

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