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Category: Glass >> Vases

Large glass vase, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Violetta vase, 20th century Poland.
Bohemian Vase, 19th. century.
Bridal crown, clear glass, 20th century Denmark.
Bridal crown vase, clear glass, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Bridal crown, clear glass, 20th century Denmark
Bridal crown, clear glass, 20th century Denmark.
Bridal crown in clear glass, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Bohemian vase, 20th century.
Holmegård crystal vase. 1960s, Denmark.
German opaline vase with paintings, ca.1900.
Rosevase, Germany, ca.1920.
Large crystal vase, 20th century.
Bømic crystal vae, 20th century
Holmegård vase, ruby ??red glass, 20th century. Denmark.
Vase in ruby ??colored glass, 19th century. Germany.
Vase, green, 20th century, to the Ford T car model. USA
Opal glass vase. Hand Decorated with flowers. 1900.
Bridal Crown, o. 1900. Fyn, Denmark.
Bridal Crown, vase, o. 1900. Funen. Denmark.
Opaline glass vase, Art Nouveau, o. 1900
Bohemian vase in green glass with white enamel decoratio . . .
Large opaline vase, grayish glass mass, 19th century.
Twisted vase, c. 1900. Denmark
Bridal Crown in clear glass, vase, ca. 1900, Denmark.
Bridal crown in clear glass, ca. 1900. Vase. Denmark.
Orrefors glass vase, AN 4760-21, Sweden, 20th century.
German glass vase, o. 1900th
Per Lütken vase, may green, Holmegaard, Denmark. No: 18162
Bridal Crown, Denmark, o. 1900th
Bohemian crystal vase, 20th century.
Large crystal vase with cover, 20th century.
Bride Crown, c. 1900, Denmark.
Val Saint Lambert vase in crystal, Begien, 1930.
Danish vase in cobalt blue glass with tin mounting, c. 1 . . .
Lynggaard, Finn (1930 - 2011) Denmark: Glas Vase.
1960 vase in clear and green glass - presumably Sweden.
Glass Vase, cobalt blue glass, around 1920.
Cream-colored spherical vase in glass, deco, o. 1930
Loetz glass vase, in irrised glass with gold, o. 1900th
Bridal crown of clear glass, about 1900.

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