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Category: Books, postcards, maps >> Maps

Hand-colored map of Kurland, Livland etc. The Gulf of Fi . . .
Hand-colored map of Denmark. Copper plate. T. Kitchin, L . . .
Prospectus for Helsingør and Ribe. Cupperplate, 1600s.
Insular Danicæ in Mari Balthico. 1714
Map of Zealand, 1764. Hand-colored copper engraving
Map of Portugal. 1822
Map of Ærø and Femarn, 1766.
Map of Schlesvig, 1594.
Hand-colored map of the island of Gorèe, 19th century
Map of the Canary Islands, 19th century, French edition
Map of Copenhagen County 1766
Map of Europe in ancient times. 17th century
Map of Rome at Servius Tullius time, 18th century
Map of Denmark "Regni Daniæ", 17. thC.
Map of Paris, 19th century.
Map of Europe, 19th century.
Denmark card ,. Regni Daniæ. 1714.
Jens Nicolas Bellin (18th cent. ) France . : Denmark map.
Map, 17th century. Cologne archdiocese.
Map of Funen "Fionia vulgo Fvnen" from Willem Blaues Nov . . .
Engraving, 1596, topographical surveys of Heide and Meld . . .
John Gibson: Denmark. London 1760th
Map of the Duchy of Schleswig, colored engravings, 1824th
Map of Funen, 17th century.
Dahlberg, Erik Jönsson (1625-1703) Sweden. Map of Nyborg
Hand colored map of Sicily, Jan Janssonius (1596 - 1664) . . .
Hand colored map of England, French version, 1709.
Map, 17th century. Hungary. Johan Baptista Homanno
Carte du Danne Marc, designed by Jean Nicalas Belis, 1764.
Hand colored maps of Saxony, Germany, 1637
Map of the diocese of Evreux, northern Normandy, France.

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