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Post case, mahogany, 1960s, Denmark.
Mirror, carved, chalked, gilded, rococo, approx. 1750. D . . .
German mirror 19th century, Baroque form.
English writing box in walnut, 19th century.
Mahogany sewing table, approx. 1920. Danmark.
Danish senempire cylinder cabinet in mahogany, 19th century.
Danish baroque dresser in oak with newer legs, 18th century.
Mahogany book cabinet, approx. 1910 - 1920, Denmark
Danish mahogany book case, 1920 - 1930.
English writing desk in oak tree, 17th century.
Danish late Empire sewing table in mahogany, 1840 - 60.
Painted mirror, 19th century Denmark.
Danish gilded Louis XVI mirror, approx. 1780, Denmark.
Console, Mahogany, 1860 - 1880, Denmark.
Danish Louis XVI mirror, gilded wood, 1780 - 1800.
English Empire dresser, 19th century.
Danish late empire mahogany mirror, 19th century.
Danish late empire mahogany mirror, 19th century.
German mirror 19th century, Baroque style.
Danish showcase - baroque copy, oak, 20th century.
Console shelf, mahogany, nyrococo, 19th century. Denmark.
Mahogany mirror, 19th century. Denmark.
Danish gilded mirror, new rococo, 19th century.
Senempire mirror in mahogany, Denmark.
Antique Danish bookcase in walnut veneer, 19th century.
Danish New rococo chest of drawers, 19th century.
Hand cut mirror, 20th century. Denmark.
Danish jugend sewing table, approx. 1910th
Venetian mirror, with two light arms, 19th century. Italy.
Italian carved gilded rococo style mirror, 20th century
Stool, Nyrococo, 19th Century. Denmark.
Davenport, 19th century. Denmark.
Newspaper holder of rosewood with intarsia in the form o . . .
Hand-polished Danish empire writing desk in mahogany, 18 . . .
Octagonal Turkish-Ottoman smoking table. 19th century
Italian carved gildwood rococo wall mirror, 19th century.
French Louis XV style bureau de dame. Rosewood. 19th century
Danish late empire corner cabinet in mahogany, 1840 - 1860.
Antique Danish Bobinet Mirror - Probably P. C. Damborg (1 . . .
Guilded classic console, 19th century. Denmark.
Danish late empire mirror in mahogany with intarsia, 19t . . .
Danish Nyrokokko mirror. 19th century
Antique English silver cutlery box, 19th century
Piedestal Cabinet in mahogany with intarsia, Denmark, ap . . .
Danish empire curved chest of drawers. o. 1800 - 1820.
Cylinder cabinet of mahogany. ca. 1920. Deco. Denmark.
English tray table with removable plate. 19th century
Nyrococo gilded mirror from Boller Castle at Horsens, 19 . . .
Art easel of painted wood, 19th century. Denmark.
Stool with swivel seat, approx. 1870, Denmark.
English writing desk 17/18. century.
Hanging cabinet of oak, 19th century. Denmark
Exhibition shelf in wood with glass, 19 Century. Denmark.
New Rococo tiled table in white painted pine with gildin . . .
Danish Louis XVI mirror. Mahogany veneered about 1770 - 1785
Swedish rococo giltwood mirror. Mid 18. th. C
Antique mahogany shelf, 19th century.
Stool in mahogany, 20th century. Chippendale.
Baroque write shrine with slanted flap, 18th century. De . . .
Fireplace screens, Sweden, ca. 1880
English tray table, 19th century.
Sølvtøjs cupboard, walnut, 19th century. Denmark.
Mahogany console table, 1830 - 1840, Denmark
Etagere, wood, 19th century. Denmark.
Mahogany casket to cards and chips, Denmark, approximate . . .
Painted traveling chest, Baroque, 18th century. Denmark.
English pipe and tobacco cabinet, mahogany, app. 1920.
Italian gilt mirror, 20th century. Rococo.
Cake stand in mahogany, ca. 1900 England
Newrococo mirror, Denmark, 20th century.
Venetian mirror, 19th century. Baroque form.
Italian gilt mirror, 19th century.
English tobacco cabinet in mahogany, o. 1900th
Venetian table mirror, 20th century.
Danish Louis XVI table with fluted legs, 19th century.
Mahogany washstand, 19th century. Chr. 8th
Nyrococo mirror console with marble top. 19th century
Console in mahogany, Denmark, 19th century.
Cake stand in brass, c. 1900
Danish late Empire mirror, 19th century.
Bookcase in walnut, Denmark, 19th century.
Barometer, Denmark, 19th century.
Iron table, 19th century.
Red painted mirror, Nyrococo, Denmark, 19th century.
Card table in mahogany, 19th century. Denmark.
Oval Danish mahogany mirror with marquetry, 19th century.
Worktable, 1960 with Dutch antique tiles.
Gilded oval Nyrococo mirror. Denmark, 19th century.
Dutch wall mirror with intarsia, baroc, c. 1800
Danish doll chatol, 1842.
Small Danish mirror, mid-1800s, with newer repainting.
Travel coffin, painted, 1871, Denmark.
Flowers stand in bronze, c. 1900
Danish barometer, 19th century.
Baroque casket, 18th century. With flat lid and iron ban . . .
Danish painted writing desk from 1812, original painted.

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