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Category: Glass >> Drinking glass

Snapse Deer Glass, approx. 1910, Kastrup, Denmark.
Glass service, Gorm the Old, 20th century.
Crystal glass service Antique with cut stem and bowl, 20 . . .
Opale drinking glass, ca.1900
Antique German glass with enamel decoration, 19th century.
Green Absinth glass, Elme Glasbruk, Sweden, 20th century
Crystal service, 20 thC. Square foot and basin with flat . . .
Crystal glass service, 20th century.
Masonry glass, approx. 1860, Denmark
Masonry glass, approx. 1860, Denmark.
Masonry glass, approx. 1860, Denmark.
Champagne flutes, 19th century Denmark.
German handle glass mug, 19th century
Children's mug with etching, 1910, Kastrup, Denmark.
Glass service, Christian the 7th. 19th century, Denmark.
Green Champagne bowls, 20th century Denmark.
Absalon, glass service approx. 1900, Denmark.
Eaton glass, Lyngby Glassworks.
Glass cup, approx. 1910 with cut flower motifs.
Crystal Cup, 1918.
Astrid crystal service, Holmegård. 1934 - 1969. Design: . . .
2 antique glass, 19th century. Probably Denmark.
Glass service, Princess, 1957 - 1995, Kastrup, Denmark. . . .
Winston Glasservice, Lyngby, 20th century. Denmark.
Pompadour Crystal Service, Cristal d'Argues, 20th Centur . . .
Pfeiffer crystal service, Val st. Lambert, Belgium. 1917.
Ravnsborg Crystal Service, 1952, Holmegård Glasworks, De . . .
Alfred, Crystal Service, Val St. Lambert, Belgium, 1917 . . .
Else glass service, Kastrup Glassworks, 20th century. De . . .
Collection of Gorm den Gamle glass, crystal, 20th centur . . .
Loke crystal service, Belgium, 20th century.
Silicien White wine glass in crystal in green glass mass . . .
Swedish beer glass, 19th century.
English glass, 19th century.
Margrethe service.
Wine glass on stalk, approx. 1850. Conradsminde. Denmark.
Tosca glass, Lyngby Glassworks, 20th century. Denmark.
Collection of wine glasses. 6 pieces. Germany, 19th century.
Wine glass, 19th century. Denmark. Holmegaard.
Barrel-shaped wine glass, approx. 1840. Conradsminde. De . . .
Barrel-shaped wine glass, approx. 1840
Barrel-shaped wine glass, approx. 1840. Gjøvik, Norway.
Gisselfeld glass service, Holmegård glass, 1933 - 1970. . . .
Krystal Glass, 1921. Denmark.
Wine glass with oak grinding, 19th century. Denmark.
Drinking glass, 1920 - 1930, engraved.
Danish antique wine glass, approximately 1840, Conradsmi . . .
5 ruby ??colored glass, Bohemia, 20th century.
Really rarely beer mug - handles glass - presumably Denm . . .
Liqueur glass, Art glass dishes, violets, smoky topaz, 1 . . .
Pair of antique Swedish glasses, 19th century.
Christian VIII glass with grindings. 19/20. century.
Champagne glass in crystal, 20th century
Commemorative glass "For Father", 19th century. Denmark.
German champagne glass, 19th century.
Par Danish glasses, 19th century.
Commemorative glass, "Congratulations", app. 1910 Denmark
Drinking glasses, 19th century
Punche mug / Child mugs, 19th century. Denmark.
Commemorative glass, Holmegaard, Denmark, app. 1900
Commemorative glass Holmegaard, Denmark, app. 1900
6 Champagne bowls, 20th century. ,
5 Bømiske crystal dessert Wine glass, 20th century
German liqueur set in glass, 1903.
Glass Cup, 19th century.
Deer glasses, snaps glasses, Kastrup Glassworks, Denmark . . .
White wine glass with light green bowl, 20th century
Clear drinking glass on foot, with olive grindings, c. 1 . . .
Glass of vodka. Colourless frosted glass. Germany, ca. 1 . . .
Drinking glass, clear glass with gilt monogram: JD. Germ . . .
Westminster, Lyngby Glass, 20th century.
Windsor Glass, Kastrup. 20th anniversary of Denmark.
Wineglass with oak leaves engravings, 19th century.
Wineglass with oak leaves grindings, 19th century.
Ballet. Holmegaard Design: M. Bang.
Seagull Glass, Lyngby Glass. 20th century.
Romer Glass. 19th century.
English pressed glass, 19TH Century.
Antique Bohemian reddish glass with enamel decoration, M . . .
Guillaume II white wine glass with uranium green bowl.
Balloon glass, 20th century. Denmark
High snaps glass, 20th century.
Antique German glass with a grinding and gilding, 19th c . . .
Wineglass m. Guilloche decoration on the bowl, o. 1910
Commemorative Glass "In memory" o. 1900
4 glass with cuttings, 20th century.

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