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Champagne whips in silver, 20th century
Silver tea strainer, 1917, Denmark. Nouveau.
Georg Jensen powder can in sterling silver, 231, 20th ce . . .
Tulip-shaped silver chandellier, Svend Toxwaard, 20th ce . . .
Powder box in silver, 1931.
Georg Jensen table lighter in sterling silver, 366 c, 20 . . .
Pen of silver, 19th century Denmark.
Hammered letter opener in silver, 1923, Denmark.
A pair of newrococo candlesticks in silver, 1943, Denmark.
Cigarette case in silver, 20th century, Germany.
Small poultry needles in silver, 1880, Sweden.
Silver lid, sterling, Dragsted, 20th century, Copenhagen . . .
Silver cigarette case, E. L Weimann, (1897 - 1937) Copen . . .
Silver cigarette case, 20th century. Company Hans Jensen . . .
Sterling match box in silver with Freemason symbols, 20t . . .
Silver box, Axel Holm (1957-) Copenhagen, Denmark.
Pair of Danish silver candlesticks, Christian Jensen Sil . . .
Lipstick, partly silver, 20th century. Denmark.
Pepper / Salt set in sterling silver, Sweden, 20th century
Silver cigatret case, Germany. 20th century
Ice bucket in crystal with sterling handle, 20th century
2 cigarklippers in silver, 20th century. Denmark.
Match holder in silver, 20th century.
Silver perfume bottle, 20th century.
English antique hand mirror in silver, 19. årh.
Hans Hansen rosewood shrine with sterling silver, 1960s, . . .
Silver table card, 20th century. Rococo style
6 antique silver knife holder, 1859, Anton Michelsen, Co . . .
Ship in silver, with sail. 20th century, Amsterdam, The . . .
Pair of Swedish silver cups, 1965.
3 Danish design candelliers in silver, Hejl & Co, Freder . . .
Silver-plated seal with agate, 19th century.
Silver seal, 19th century. Denmark.
Silver seal, 19th century. Denmark.
Empire yarn holder in silver filigree work, in 1818, Den . . .
Sugar / creamer with tray in silver
Par Danish silver coat marks. 20th century.
Snuff tobacco box in silver, Arngrimsen, 19th century.
Hans Hansen, Kolding, Denmark, match holder, 20th century.
North German silver bowl -filigree work, 19th century.
Oval silver powder box with ornamentation, 20th century
Antique silver bangle, yarn holder, Denmark, 1833
Beer openener in silver with steel, Denmark, 1937. Marga . . .
Silver fish with red glass eyes. 19th century. Denmark.
Pair of Swedish silver candlesticks. Empire Form, 20th c . . .
Match holder in silver, Netherlands. 20th century.
Centerpiece, 19th c. Germany.
Paper scissors in silver, Svend Toxværd, Copenhagen, Den . . .
Lighter in silver. With sharpening steel. Approximately 1930
Coin container, silver, Fritz Sofus Christian Heimbürger . . .
4 west buttons in silver with royal king crown. Denmark
Pair of Danish candlesticks in silver, 20th century.
Black handbag with silver handles.
A pair of Danish silver candlesticks, 1947.
Grape Scissors in sterling, Denmark. Stamp: HJ Hans Jens . . .
Small pipe for cigars, 19th century.
Grape scissors in silver, 20th century.
Russian sugar bowl in silver, 1895.
Signet in silver, decorated with French lily, 1923 Denmark.
Lip pin with mirror in sterling silver. 20th century.
Collection of three pencils in silver.
Brush in silver, Evald Nielsen. Denmark.
Match holder in hammered silver, Denmark, 20th century.
Small lady silver purse
Small embroidery silver scissors, o. 1900th
Silver Box. Master . : Moe, Copenhagen, app. 1920.
Seal of silver, 19th cent.
Cigarette Case in silver with engravings. 20th century.

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