Interested in having your items shown on ?

The unique concept we have developed enables you to maintain your OWN homepage AND have your items presented here on in 1 fast operation. You do not have to enter your information more than once.
To understand the full concept of the system we have developed, we urge you to spend 16 minutes watching our videopresentation here.

Today, we deliver 30,000,000 page views each month to our guests, and as well as the websites of our antique dealers.
That equates to almost 10 pages per second!

The WorldAntique.Net concept in short:

  • Improved marketing of your website and your items
  • Easy and fast maintanence of your own homepage

Who and how ?

You must be a professional art- or antiquebusiness with a good reputation. Private individuals are not allowed to present items here.

The cost for your website integration with consist of cost of getting started + operating costs:

Options for getting started:

  1. Full integraton
    To fully benefit from our concept your website should have full integration with our system, and your own page can be in whatever language version(s) you will need (one or more).
    Price: can be informed after we have had a look at your current website
    Please click here to request price of full integration of your website

  2. Guest exhibitor
    Since we realize you might need some persuasion before making this change - it is also possible for you to exhibit your items here, without this integration to your existing website.
    Price: zero (for getting started - but you will still have to pay below "operating cost"
    Please click here to request free guest exhibitor access.

  3. FastWeb
    Finally you could choose to start with a "FastWeb" solution - a simple page of your own to integrate with
    Click here to view a sample FastWeb site that is actually running
    Please click here to order your FastWeb solution.

Operating costs:

For the enitre solution (regardless if it's 1, 2 or 3, and regardless of number of language versions) the price is:

  • A monthly fee (payed quarterly)
  • A one time fee when activating a new item. From 2.75 -> 0.80 €. Price is per item, regardless if there are more photos. It's a one-time fee, and the price span is due to volumediscounts. The starting price is 2.75 € and if you make eg. more than 30 activations in a quarter you will receive a 10% discount on the activationfee. More than 60 in a quarter = 20% discount - and the discount can be as high as 70%. Please contact us for more information
If you want to order - or if you have questions, kindly contact us by mail, or by phone: +45 70 26 26 02