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Category: Bronze, copper, pewter etc. >> Pewter

German pewter plate, 1881. Germany.
Pewter Plate, 1810, Germany.
Large pewter dish, 1730.
Pewter dish, G. Otto, 18th century, Germany.
German pewter mug, 18th century
Pewter shrine, Gothic style, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Tin bowl with Greenlandic motifs, approx. 1960.
A large collection of antique pewter buttons for folk co . . .
A large collection of pewter buttons for folk costumes, . . .
French floral centerpiece in pewter, 19th century, Rococ . . .
Pewter tran / oil lamp, 19th century.
Just Andersen pewter vase, 1214, 20th century Denmark.
Antique pewter hot inn Wärmflaschecanister, 19th century.
Hertz / Ballin tin bowl, model 1619. 20th century Denmark.
Large pewter dish, Allgott Liljestrøm, Lidkøbing, 1842, . . .
Pewter plate, 18th century.
Pewter plate, Copenhagen, 18th century Denmark.
Pewter plate, 18th century, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Hertz Ballin pewter pen holder, 20th century Copenhagen, . . .
Alter pitcher in pewter, 1779, Germany.
Andersen, Just (1884 - 1943) Denmark. Pewter bowl. 1220.
Pewter Heracles bowl, Replik, J. D Meyer in Hildesheim, . . .
A pair of pewter plates, rococo, 18th century.
5 deep pewter plates, 1780, Denmark. Ephraim Benjamin Reisz.
Empire pewter candlestick, app. 1810, Denmark.
Baroque pewter dish, IB Finck, Germany, 18th century.
Buntzen measuring cup in pewter, 1888, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Drinking pot, 1784, in pewter, Germany
Food container in pewter, Ephraim Benjamin Reiz, 1780, C . . .
Pint mug in pewter, Askell & Chambers, London. 19th century
Wine bottle in pewter, 1758, Denmark.
Rare Jugend pewter box with brass legs, Model no. T 71, . . .
Oval tray, Kayserzinn, 4397, Jugend, Germany. Ca. 1900th
Pewter measuring cup, 1 pot, Buntzen, 1900, Copenhagen, . . .
English pewter jug, 19th century.
Ear dish in tin, 19th century.
German Flacon of Pewter, 17th Century.
Rococo roast dish in pewter, 18th century.
Pewter measuring pot, 1 pot, 1862, Buntzen, Copenhagen. . . .
Pewter measuring pot, 1/2 pot, 1862, Buntzen, Copenhagen . . .
Pewter measuring pot, 1 pægl, 1862, Buntzen, Copenhagen. . . .
Just Andersen three-sided pewter dish, 2618, Copenhagen, . . .
Backhaus bowl in hammered pewter with seated naked woman . . .
The heatplate of pewter, 18th century. England.
Pewter mug, England
Pewter dish, approx. 1775, London, England.
Pewter mug, England
Pewter hot water plate, 18. C. England
Art deco box in pewter, 1929, Denmark.
Pewter jug, Quart, 19th Century. England.
Cylindrical ice container with handle, pewter, 19th cent . . .
Hotplate in pewter, Samuel Cocks, 18th century, London. . . .
Pewter hip flask, England, 19th century.
Heat plate of pewter, 1763 - 1795, Compton, London.
Pewter plate, 18th century. England.
Baroque pewter plate, Erfurt, 1743, Germany. Rococo
German antique coffee pot in pewter, 19th century.
Antique dish of pewter, 18/19. century.
Large German Pewter Dish, 18th Century. Saxen.
Pewter mug, 18/19. Aarhus. Denmark.
1/2 pot measuring cup in pewter, 1883, L. Buntzen, Copen . . .
English pepper pot, pewter, 19th century.
Antique English Teapot, 19th Century.
Inkhouse in pewter, 1677. Denmark.
Pewter plate 1853.
Danish Empire tureen. ca. 1810 - 1820. Pewter.
Pewter plate, 1825,
Pair of Dutch tin vases, about 1900
Pewter tablespoons, 1906. From King Frederik VIII access . . .
English pewter plate, 19th century.
Antique 1700s pewter plate, Rococo, England.
Pewter plate, 1770
Coffee Pot, pewter, 1908. Germany.
Part of the food bucket in pewter, 19th century. Germany.
Pewter plate, 18th century.
Pewter plate, 1806.
Pewter plate, rococo, 1720
English antique pewter plate, 18th century.
Writing in, pewter, Hertz Ballin, Art Nouveau. Around 19 . . .
German tin stob with handle and lid, 18th century.
German pewter plate, 1849
German pewter dish, 19th century.
Pewter plate 1879.
Vase, pewter, Hertz Ballin, Copenhagen, Denmark. 20th ce . . .
Pewter tureen, 18-19. century.
Large antique pewter dish, 1853
Pewter drinking mug with a ball shaped thumb piece, 1822 . . .
Pewter plate, Germany, 1815
Large English pewter plate, 18th century.
Paper knife in tin, c. 1920, Denmark. Art deco.
Oblong Just Andersen dish, 2374, 20th century. Denmark.
11 Swedish tin cover plates, 20 century. Sweden.
English tea pot in pewter, c. 1920, England.
German pewter dish, 19th century
Large 1800-century circular pewter dis
Large antique pewter dish, around 1800.
Baroque pewter dish, Denmark. 18th century.
Just Andersen pewter dish, 20th century. Denmark
Antique English pewter dish, 18th century.
Antique tin dish, 18th C.

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