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Bowl in light opaline glass with blue handle, 19th century.
Large cobalt blue glass dish, 19th century
Sugar / cream set in opaline glass with enamel decoratio . . .
Fruit bowl in opaline glass with enamel paint with fruit . . .
8 edged antique Freemasons glass, crystal. 19th century
English bisquit bucket, 19th century.
English crystal perfume bottle with silver lid, 19th century
Pair of perfume bottles, glass with gilding, 19th centur . . .
Barrel-shaped drink mug of blown glass, 19th century.
Zwibel glass in clear optically striped glass, 20th cent . . .
10 stained glass, 1950 - 1960, Venice, Italy.
Sugarcaster, with Bohemian glass and silver / new silver . . .
Pair of antique luster vases, 19th century.
German bisquit bucket, 1900. Jugend.
Cream jug in clear glass, 1900, Germany.
Bisquit bucket, 1920th
Table bowl in irrigated glass, approx. 1900, - probably . . .
Clear glass letterpress, approx. 1900. Denmark.
Clear glass letterpress, approx. 1900. Denmark.
English pocket flask in glass, 19th century.
English pocket flask in glass, 19/20. century.
Antique vase, approx. 1900.
Green bottle with pewter mounting, art deco, 1930s, Denmark.
Jug, clear glass with decorations, approx. 1900. Germany.
Glass service in crystal "Marie Louise", Lyngby Glas, 20 . . .
Holmegård snaps pig. 20th C. , Denmark
Holmegård snaps pig. 20th C. , Denmark
Glass jug, violet glass, approx. 1930 - art deco.
Visit card bowl, approx. 1900
Sugar bowl in light blue glass, o. 1900, Germany.
Glass vase in the form of a basket with a handle, clear . . .
Sugar bowl in pink glass, 19th century
Bisquit bucket in painted glass, approx. 1900
French chocolate lid bowl of glass with silver luster, 1 . . .
Bisquit bucket of glass with grindings, 1900.
Antique German drinking glass with grinding and pewter l . . .
Table bowl in white opal glass with bright red waved edg . . .
English bisquit bucket, approx. 1900
French dish, art deco.
A small bottle, covered with straw, 19th century.
Large crystal bowl in clear crystal, 20th century.
Green deco vase in glass with pewter ornamentics, 1920s, . . .
German sugar caster in green glass with engravings, art . . .
Danish bonbonniere in green glass with pewter lid, 20th . . .
Rubin colored bowls, 20th century. Denmark.
6 edged green canteen bottle with pewter assembly, 1925, . . .
Large Bohemian crystal bowl, 20th century
Shaker, glass, 20th century
Large crystal bowl, 20th. C
Crystal Glass, approx. 1910
French perfume bottle, 19th century.
Letter weight, 19th century. Denmark.
Swedish letter press of glass, 1949.
American pressed glass bowl, orange, 20th century.
Dairy dishes. 1890 - 1910. Denmark.
Glass can, approx. 1910 - 1920, Germany.
Cheese bell, approx. 1920. Denmark.
English pocket flask, silver plated, 19th century.
Danish flask, 19th century.
Crystal potporri jar with lid, 19/20. century.
Crystal potporri jar with lid, 19th century.
Crystal potporri jar with lid, 19th century.
German drink glass, approx. 1900
Danish milk jug, o. 1900.
Wine glass on stalk with button, approx. 1850, Denmark.
Glass letterweight, pyramid shaped, Denmark, approx. 191 . . .
Antique glug bottle, 19th century.
Antique oil lamp in clear glass, 19th century.
Pink salt, Elme Glasbrug, Sweden. 20thC.
Milk bowl, clear glass, Aalborg, Denmark
Art Nouveau bowl of irradiated glass, approx. 1900
English pressed bowl, yellow glass, approx. 1900
Crystal boats, England, 19th.
Bohemian bowl, 19th. century.
Hip flask Bissen's national soldier with patent plug, Fy . . .
English antique bottle, green glass, 19th century.
Hip flask Bissen's national soldier, Fyns Glasværk after . . .
Figure bottle. Mouth blown bottle in clear glass in the . . .
Cream of cobalt blue glass, 20th century.
Onion glass, lake blue, approx. 1900. Denmark
Glass, Silver pyramid. 19th century Denmark.
Crystal goblet and cover, 20th century.
Norwegian drinking glass "Gorm den Gamle"; app, 1830.
Antique creamer, 19 C. Denmark.
Antique Creamer, Cobalt Blue Glass, 19th Century.
Garden bell for birds feeding, 19th century.
Measuring glass, 19th century.
Flask - schnapps bottle - Funen Glassworks, 1903. Denmark.
Carafe of glass
German glass beer mug with pewter lid, 18th century.
English pressed glass centerpiece, 19th century.
German creamer in opaline glass with paint in the form o . . .
Antique bowl in clear glass, 19th century. Conical.
Pitcher In glass. 1880
Centerpiece of glass, around 1890
Bridal Crown, o. 1900. Funen. Denmark.
Biscuits bucket in opaline glass with enamel decorations . . .
Hyazint glass, Funen glassworks with cuttings. o. 1910 - . . .
Crystal glass trophy, 1915.
Water jug ??with grindings and snails handle, Denmark. a . . .

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