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Polished amber piece, Denmark
Polished amber piece, Denmark
Agate pendant, 19th century.
Mille fiori brosche, Italy, 1900.
Amber, Denmark
Amber pendant, polished amber with decoration of starfis . . .
Polished amber with pendant in 14K gold, 20th century.
Polished amber pendant, Denmark.
Turkish chain with pearls, 19th century.
Freemason 1st degree sign. Of sterling silver. 20th C. , . . .
Freemason 3rd degree. Sterling silver, 20th century. Den . . .
Freemasonry cufflinks, 1976. Medinah
French porcelain brooch, Limoges, 19th century. France.
Older turquoise chain, 20th century
Gold plated oval brooch with sliced ??aquamarine, approx . . .
Gold plated brooch with aquamarine and pearls. app. 1900
Large belt buckle, shaped like butterfly, approx. 1900
Large hair clasp, 19th century in horn.
Brooch, approx. 1900. Germany.
Danish amber chain of polished pieces, approx. 1900
Garnet brooch, approx. 1900, Germany.
Polished amber piece, Denmark.
Polished amber piece with pendant. Denmark.
Large polished amber piece, milk amber, Denmark.
Gold plated brooch with red grenades, 19th century.
Oval gold plated brooch with grenades, 19th century.
Crucifix in bronze, 20th century.
Gold plated hair pin, 19th century. Gold plated brass.
Micro mosaic brooch, 19th century. Italy.
Porcelain brooch with hand painted city scene, 19th cent . . .
Micro mosaic brooch, 19th century. Italy.
Antique light red coral brooch, 19th century with gold f . . .
Polished amber pendant, Denmark. 20th century
Jade chain - light green, China, 20th century.
Belt buckle, silver-plated, art nouveau, approx. 1910
Polished amber brooch, 20th century.
Polished amber piece, designed as a brooch, Denmark.
Unpolished amber piece, Denmark.
Unpolished amber piece, Denmark.
Polished amber piece, Denmark.
Polished amber piece, Denmark. With seeds.
Brooch, approx. 1900, Holger Fischer (1893-1937), Copenh . . .
Antique Brooch, 19th century.
Polished amber pendant, 20th century.
Brooch in gold plated silver with grenades in the form o . . .
Par amber ear screws, Denmark, 20th century
Greenland bone bracelet. 20th century.
Gold Plated Garnet Brooch with garnets, 20th century.
Wedgewood Brooch, 20th century. England.
Brooch, art nouveau
Polished amber pendant, Denmark,
Art Nouveau Brooch, ca. 1900 Denmark.
Gold plated coin Brooch, 19th century.
Save, approximately 1880, Sweden.
Afghan Arm Ring, 20th century.
Afghan arm bands 20th century.
Afghan neck ring, 20th century.
Afghanistan, arm bands 20th century.
Afghanistan, arm jewelry, 20th century.
Afghan arm band, 20th century.
Antique polished ivory pendant with 9 carat gold mounting.
Greenlandic bone chain, 20th century.
Greenlandic pendant in bone, shaped like musk ox. 20th c . . .
Coin Brooch, 1879. Gilded coins from England, Sweden and . . .
Couples ear screws with polished amber with bolls about . . .
Polished piece of amber. Denmark
Brooch with cut garnets, o. 1930th
Large polished piece of amber with seed capsules.
Tie pin in silver with amethyst, c. 1920
Camé with woman in profile
Italian Brooch in brass with green and white enamel, o. 1900
Art Nouveau belt buckle, silver plated, Denmark, o. In 1920.
Brooch in gold plated silver, o. 1900th
Gold Plated Brooch, c. 1900, Denmark.
Large Came Brooch, c. 1900, carved in stone, with woman . . .
Gold plated sterling silver necklace with grenades. 20th . . .
Necklace in glass, Venice, 20th century.

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