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Category: Lighting >> Ceiling lamps

Crystal crown, 20th century Denmark.
Prism chandelier, 20th century, with bronze. Denmark
French chandelier turned into candle light, 20th century
Swedish chandelier, 19th century.
Large ceiling prism lamp, 1950/1960. In brass / bronze.
Prism crown, 19/20. century Denmark
Ampel with brass fittings, Fyns Glasværk, approx. 1900
Art Nouveau ceiling lamp, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Large Swedish bronze chandelier, 19th century.
Large prism ceiling crown, 19th century Denmark.
Bohemian cage crown, 20th century
Bohemian ceiling lamp, 19/20. century.
Large prism crown, approx. 1900.
Silver-plated crown, 20th century, Italy.
Large Bohemian chandelier. 19 C.
Crystal crown with bronze fitting, 19. /20. century.
Ceiling lamp in glass and brass, approx. 1900, Denmark.
Danish hanging lamp, 1960s.
Venetian glass ceiling lamp, 20th century.
French ample, painted glass, for electricity, approx. 1900
Great Danish prism crown, 19th century. With 621 prisms
Huge crystal chandelier for the ceiling, Denmark, ca.1920.
Ampel in small forging work, approx. 1900. Denmark.
A pair of cylindrical design lamps, 20th century. Denmark.
Ceiling Crown, 19th Century. Denmark.
Great prism crown, 19th century. Denmark.
Fog & Mørup ceiling lamp in sandblasted yellow-painted g . . .
Swedish chandelier in brass / bronze with prisms, 20th c . . .
Swedish ampel in cobalt glass with prisms, 20th century.
Danish crystal chandelier of brass. 20th century.
Bohemian chandelier. 19th century.
Large prism crown, 19th century.
Ceiling lighting, approx. 1900
Large French crystal chandelier with glass prisms and cr . . .
Large crystal chandelier, 19th century.
Large crystal chandelier, 19th century. Denmark.
5 armed bronze crown, hung with prisms, 1930
Glass hung gilded chandelier. 19th century. Denmark.
Large sacculated chandelier, Denmark, in. 1900,
Chandelier, approx. 1900.
Large crystal chandelier, c. 1900
Crystal Chandelier, 19th century.

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