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2 Tekno cars, 20th century Denmark. Defective.
Lineol soldiers with stretcher, Danish uniform, 1930s. G . . .
Yellow Tekno bus - Scania, CR - 76, no. 851. Denmark
Lego bricks / system, 6 cars, 1950s / 1960s, Denmark.
German metal locomotive, 20th century.
Home-built wooden ship, 20th century Germany.
Rocking horse, 20th century.
Lineol and Elastolin Cowboys and Indians, 1930s. Germany.
Hausser Elastolin - Samaritan soldiers with stretcher - . . .
Lineol soldier on a horse - officer - Danish uniform, 19 . . .
Lineol soldier on a horse - attacking officer - Danish u . . .
German cannon, 1930s.
Heubach - Köppelsdorf doll, approx. 1900, Germany.
Pair of painted wooden horses, 20th century. Denmark.
Armand Marseilles character doll, no. 996, approx. 1900, . . .
Collection of antique miniature dolls, Germany, 9 pieces . . .
China doll, Armand Marseilles 351/2 K, Koppelsdorf, Germany.
Painted toy car, 20th century. Denmark.
English cavalry, Lineol, Germany, 1920 - 1930.
Antique doll. Germany 19thC.
Old yellow teddy bear, 19/20. Germany.
Elastolin soldiers, Germany, 1930s.
Danish Guardians, Lineol, 1930s, Germany.
Lineol soldiers, WW 1, WW 2, ??German soldiers, Germany.
French flamethrower, 1930's, Lineol, Germany
Toy - Willys MB Jeep. 1940.
Tin haubitzer, Ideal, 1930s, Germany.
Old teddy bear, plush, 20th century.
Toy sauce pot, earthenware, 19 årh. Tyskland.
Toy lid dish, earthenware, 19th century. Germany.
Toy earthenware lid tureen, 19th century. Germany.
Toy lid tureen fayence, 19th century. Germany.
Yellow teddy bear, about 1950.
Collection tin figures of humans and animals to a farm, . . .
Collection tin soldiers, German and Danish, 19th century.
Collection Danish tin figures of guardsmen, 19th century.
Collection German soldiers, 19th century.
Schuco, Retractable mouse in metal, Germany
Tin car, in the form of a police car. 1930, Denmark.
Big old teddy bear. 20th century.

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