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Category: Jewellery, double etc. >> Arm- and neck jewellery

Antique amber chain with cut pieces, 19th century Denmark.
Red coral chain, 19th century.
Necklace in light red coral, approx. 1900
Red coral chain, 19th century.
Pearl Collier, 1967. Italy.
Amber chain of triangular pieces, 19th century Denmark
Gold plated silver necklace with grenades, 20th century.
Malekit jewelery set consisting of chain and bracelet, 2 . . .
Iron bracelet, USA, 20th century with lots of charms
Neck chain with round amber pieces. With older brooch of . . .
Amber pendant, 20th century, polished.
Pearl necklace - genuine pearls with silver lock, 20th c . . .
Pendant in gold-plated silver with many smaller rubies, . . .
Light green jade necklace, 20th century China.
Large polished amber jewelery with silver pendant, 20th . . .
Necklace in bronze with mermaid A. Wessel, 20th century . . .
Red coral chain, 20th century.
Pearl necklace, 20th century.
Turquoise necklace. 20th century
Older amber chain, 19th century Denmark.
Red coral chain, 20th century.
Double coral necklace, ball-cut, 20th century.
5-row pearl necklace, 20th century.
Amber chain, milk amber, polished pieces, 20th century. . . .
Green malachite neck chain, 20th century.
Finnish jewelery set in bronze, 20th century.
Collier, White coral. 19th century
Danish amber chain of polished pieces, approx. 1900.
Jewelry set consisting of necklace and ear clip, 20th ce . . .
Garnet necklace, gold plated, approx. 1900. Germany.
Beautiful gold plated necklace with numerous granates, 1 . . .
Silver bracelet with grenades, Germany, 19th century.
Bronze cross, 20th century.
Bronze cross in the form of woman, 20th century. Cire pe . . .
Ole Lynggaard Necklace, 20th Century. Copenhagen, Denmark.
Pearl necklace - genuine pearls - with 14 karat gold loc . . .
Necklace, lapis lazuli, 20th century.
Polished amber pendant, 20th century.
Red coral chain. 19/20. century
Large polished amber pendant with silver fitting, 20th c . . .
Antique pendant necklace in gold plated silver with amet . . .
Polished amber pendant with silver mounts, 20th century
Genuine Pearl chain, 20th century.
Coral chain, app. 1900
Necklace of ivory
Pearl bracelet
Large bone chain, 20th century
Greenland bracelet of bone, 20th century.
Polished amber bracelet, Denmark.
Pendant necklace, bronze ax. 20th century. Viking Copy j . . .
Pendant necklace, painted iron, with Came the woman in p . . .
Coral chain, ca. 1900
Antique cross pendant, 19th century.
Polished amber pendant. Denmark.
Belt buckle in silver-plated brass, England, c. 1900
Garnet necklace
Necklace of Annelise Berner in bronze. 1920 - 30 Denmark.
Gold plated pendant with pearls, garnets and Camè, 19th . . .
Came pendant with woman in profile, 19th century. Italy.
Came pendant with classic figure, 19th century
Bracelets of polished amber pieces, 20th century.
Necklace malekit, 20th century.
Red coral chain. 20th century
Bone chain, 20th century.
Red coral necklace with rounded pieces, approximately 1930
Red coral chain with elongated pieces, approximately 1930
Cross carved ivory, 19th century.
Chinese Buddha in jade, 20th century.
Red coral chain, around 1950.
Coral chain, red corals, gathered in Denmark. o. 1930
Bracelet with pearls, 20th century.
Amber bracelet.
Amber chain with natural pieces, gathered around o. 1900.
Ole Lynggård necklace with genuine black pearls, 20th ce . . .
Glass Necklace before 1927.
Coral necklace and a pair of ear clips before 1927.
Necklace of bones, o 1900
Pendant with micro mosaic, c. 1920
Coral chain, 20th century.
Large amber jewelery, 20th century.
Italian jewelry with micro mosaic, o. 1900th
Finnish bronze jewelry, 1970.
Jewellery Set of bone, Germany, 19th century.
Necklace of bone beads, c. 1900
Coral Necklace, 19th century.
Pearl necklace - pearls. o. 1920. With 18 Karats gold cl . . .
Necklace in lazolit. L . : 42 cm. With sterling clasp.

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