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Category: Furniture >> Farmer furniture

Painted display case - baroque copy, with swan top, 19th . . .
Baroque hanging oak cabinet, 18th century Denmark.
Painted hanger in pine, 1803, Denmark.
Danish painted empire table, 1820-40.
Danish baroque oak hanging cabinet, 18th century
Danish renaissance hanging cabinet, painted pine / oak, . . .
Danish Louis XVI chest of drawers, painted pine, approx. . . .
Danish cabinet, baroque, in oak. 18. C.
Folding table in oak, 18/19 C. Baroque style, Denmark.
Danish painted hanging cabinet, 1829.
Renaissance cabinet in oak, around 1700. Denmark.
Baroque oak box, 18th century. Denmark.
Painted hanging cupboard, 19th century. Denmark.
Danish late Empire mirror, ca. 1850 - from Samso, Denmark.
Amager Shelf, 18th century. Baroque
Hanging cabinet in oak, Denmark, 18th century.
Half Round tripod chair, 19th century. Denmark.
Painted Amager shelf, about 1800, Denmark.
Danish long table, 19th century beginning
Danish painted hanging cupboard, 19th century
Danish hanging cupboard, Baroque, end of 18th century
Danish Baroque hanging cupboard in oak, around 1700.
Danish post cabinet, 18th century.

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