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Category: Various >> Etnografica

African wood mask, 20th century.
Greenlandic artist (20th century): A seal. Soapstone Figure.
Pair of Greenlandic figurines, 20th. century.
Bronze house altar, 20th century
Greenlandic embroidered bag in sealskin with monogram, 2 . . .
Greenlandic embroidered paper / napkin holders in sealsk . . .
Greenlandic artist (20th century) Figure. Soapstone.
Whale in soapstone, 20th century Canada.
Blue / white decorated porcelain vase, China 19/20. Century.
South American clay jar, 19/20. century.
Painted wood mask, 19. /20. C. South America.
Giant Japanese Imari Floor vase with lace edge, 19th cen . . .
African music instrument, 20th century.
Japanese satsuma vase, porcelain, 19/20. Century. Japan.
Chinese cup and saucer, famille rose, 19th century.
Japanese brass vase with red enamel, 19th century.
Pair of Japanese satsuma vases, 19th century
Japanese brass vase with decorations, approx. 1900
Pair of cloisonne vases. 20 C.
Oriental brush cup in copper, 19th century.
Greenlandic soapstone figure, 20th century.
Chinese woodcut with Wise man, 20th century.
Satsuma vase. Japan 19th century.
African man's figure, 20th century. Fertility figure.
Old ulu, women's knife, West Greenland. The beginning of . . .
Hand-painted Japanese vase, 19thC
Japanese Imari dish, 19th century.
Cloisonne vase with Egyptian decorations. 20th anniversary
Chinese table lamp, famille verte, 19th century.
Chinese letter holder, 19. /20. century.
Pair Japanese Satsuma vases, 19th century.
Collection of three ancient South American clay figurine . . .
African bangle, 19th century
Greenland neck chain of bone, 20th century.
Greenland neck chain of bone, 20th century.
Greenland arm band in bone. 20th century.
Par Greenlandic soapstone figures of seals, 20th century.
Greenlandic soapstone figure, 20th century. Karl Petruss . . .
Greenlandic kayak, 20th century.
Greenlandic soapstone figure, 20th century.
Greenland collar bead work. 20th century.
Greenland collar, bead work, 20th century.
Greenland bead work, 20th century
African wood figure of a naked man. 20th century.
Par African carved wooden figures, 20th century.
Greenlandic soapstone figure, 20th century. A walrus.
Inuit. soapstone figure, 20th century. Canada. A walrus.
A South African carved figure, 20th century.
Native wood carving, 19th century. US.
Greenlandic soapstone figure with Greenland. 20th century
Yoruba wooden figure of seated woman o. 1930. Nigeria, A . . .
Greenlandic soapstone figure, 20th century.
African cantapult, 19/20. century.
Arabic bracelet with enamel work, 20th century.
African mask, Nigeria
African bangle, 19th century. Bronze.
African female figure in wood, 20th century. - Older
African bag, 20th century. Of small snail shells.
Bronze jar with lid, 20th century, Benin, Africa
Greenlandic masks in bone, 20th century.
Handcaved canoe, 20th century. Oceania.
African dance figure in wood, probably Nigeria, 20th cen . . .
Lega mask Lega tribe, Congo, 20th century.
Figure in wood, Nigeria, c. 1900
African bangle, 19th century.

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