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Category: Various >> Weapons & Militaria

UN flag - pennant - United Nations. 1970 - 1971, Dancon . . .
Blue Baret - UN - United Nations, Dancon XIV, Cyprus 197 . . .
Silver dagger with bone handle, Philippine, 19th century
Sword, 20th century.
Seaman's cap, The Danish Marie, 1959.
Hat, Sweden m / 1854, bicorne, in black mole
Military field bottle in aluminimum, 1914.
Antique powder horn, brass / copper, 19th century England
Canon ball, 18/19. C. Denmark.
Canon ball, iron, 18/19. C. Denmark.
Large powderhorn off horn with brass mounting, 19th cent . . .
Large powderhorn with brass mounting, 19th century. Denm . . .
Powder horn of horns, 19th century. Denmark
Powder horn off horn, 19th century. Denmark.
Powderhorn of horns, 19th century. Denmark.
WW2. German Porcelain Bowl with Marine Stamps.
Powder horn in horn / tree, 19th century. Denmark
Ancient Argentine dagger, 19th century.
A large collection of medals, emblems, etc. from Randers . . .
Kanon, Moerser that letter press. 1914. Denmark.
Granate in steel and copper. 1793.
German honorary cross with swords, for participation in 1WW.
Powder Horn in copper, 19 arh. Denmark.
Powder horn in copper, 19th century. Denmark.
Par Indian sickle swords - curved swords, 19th century.
Norsk knife - Lærdal - with the shaft of bone, 20th century
Suit rapier, 19th century. Denmark.
Danish powder horn, 19th century
Stone Age ax, Palaeolithic Denmark
Indonesian Golok, around 1920.
Indonesian kris, o. 1928.
Military bugle, brass, 20th century.
Antique leading stock with stiletto, 19th century.
Danish powder horn, 19th century.
Antik Danish cannonball, 19th century.
Arabic powder horn, brass, 19th century.
Arabic curved dagger, 19th century. Leather sheath.
Powder Horn brass / horn, Denmark 19th century.
French bayonet, 19th century.
Military canteen with leather, Denmark, model 1871

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