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Cake iron, 1700s.
Photograph of the world champion in wrestling, Emanuel M . . .
Ax in Flint, Danish Stone Age.
Ax in Flint, Danish Stone Age.
Cigar box in moss oak with silver, 20th century Denmark.
Italian micro mosaic frame, approx. 1900
Letter Press. Large pyrite mounted on glazed clay base, . . .
Rosewood cigar cabinet with enamel work, 1960s, Denmark.
Cigar box in rosewood with silver inlay, 1960s, Denmark.
Pibe, BBB, Glokar. 20th Century England
Meerschaum pipe, 20th century.
Antique needle sleeve in cut bone, 19th century
Snuff tobacco box, 19th century.
Brass spy glass, 19th century.
Unknown artist (20th C): Madonna and Jesus child.
French console, gilt, 19th century Rococo style.
Old Christmas decorations!
Skabilten head, 19th century Denmark.
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Crenite bowl.
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Crenite bowl
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Crenite bowl.
A horse,, ivory, sculpture, approx. 1900
Rosewood Shrine, 1960s, Denmark.
Hat box in painted iron tin, 19/20. century Denmark
Ship model in wood, Denmark, approx. 1900
A pair of old football boots, 20th Century England.
Card box in rosewood, 1960s, Denmark
Stuffed green woodpicker, picus vìridis, 20th century De . . .
Stuffed larch falcon, Fàlco subbutte, 20th century Denmark.
Stuffed cuckoo, she, Cucùlus canòrus, 20th century Denmark.
Bojesen, Kay (1886 - 1958) Denmark: A Hippopotamus. Pain . . .
Stuffed big woodpecker, she, Dendròcopos major, 20th cen . . .
Stuffed Large shrike, Lànius excubator. 20th century Den . . .
Sea Parrot, Stuffed, 1960
Antique chess game, turned, bone, 19th century
Danish bushel measurer in oak, tree target, 1858. 1 / bu . . .
Rosewood shrine, 20th century Denmark. Performed by Alfr . . .
Bushel measurer, Denmark, 19th. century.
Stuffed black headed gull, Làrus ridibundus. 20th centur . . .
Stuffed redshank, Tringa tòtanus, 20th century Denmark.
High hat of mole, 20th century
Roll board, 1807 Denmark.
Pair of collapsible gilded glasses, 19th century
Obsidian hand. Volcanic glass. New Zealand.
Yellow marble oil lamp, 19th century Italy.
Stone ax, rock / slate. Prehistory. Denmark.
Stone Age flint ax, Denmark.
Stone Age flint ax, Denmark.
English writing box in rosewood, 19th century.
Oak wood shrine, 1818. Denmark.
Large collection of pins. 20th Century Denmark. Gold. an . . .
Seal, 19th century with arms of nobility.
Italian tobacco box in walnut with intarsia, 19th centur . . .
2 antique hands in beech, 19th century, Denmark
A pair of collapsible gilded stand lorgnettes, 19th cent . . .
Just Andersen six sided cup, 20th century Denmark
Theater binoculars, 19th century.
Parker - Popular fountain pen, 4810
Danish sewing cabinet in mahogany and fruit tree with in . . .
Half-ship, Germany, 19/20. century.
Leather bag with freemason regalier, 20th century Denmark.
Stuffed squirrel, 19th century. Winter scene.
Appointment of Lars Thomsen Lauritsen as School teacher . . .
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Krenit bowl
Remembrance of Jacobine Pallesen, dated July 1865, Denmark
Humidor, 20th century.
Just Andersen (1884 - 1943) pen holder, D 2096, 20 th C, . . .
Amber piece, Denmark.
Amber piece, Denmark
Sperm whale tooth, Physeter macrocephalus, Greenland, 20 . . .
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Krenit bowl.
Photography in carved wooden frame, 19th century, Copenh . . .
Krenchel, Herbert (1922 -) Denmark: Krenit bowl. Inside . . .
Swedish carved wooden figure of the Swedish king Gustav . . .
Photo, people, World War I, Kowaschevce, Serbia, 10.4.1918,
Photo, people, World War I, Kowaschevce, Serbia, 10.4.1918
Russian icon, 19th century.
Ladybag of leather from armadillo. 20th century United S . . .
Danish artist (20th century): The little Mermaid.
Georg III wheel barometer, 19th century England.
Fantastic barometer, H: E. Holst, Copenhagen, 19th centu . . .
Older stone age ax. Flint. Denmark.
Collection of antique glass needles, 19th century.
Salt, pepper - mustard set in teak, Wiggers, 1960s, Denmark.
Silver plated Matè container with accompanying Bombillia . . .
Pair of rare fish nets wooden tags with names engraved, . . .
Miniature painting, The bird cage, 19th century.
Pyrite - also called Cat gold.
Cigar holder, 19th century.
English wheel barometer, 19th century.
Memorabila. Zieler, Mogens (1905 - 1983) Denmark: Artist . . .
Large Swedish lacquered tray, 19th century.
Box - carving, 18/19. C. Denmark.
Russian decorated wooden bowl, 19th century.
Italian gold frame, 18th century.
The horse man, sculpture, black-painted zinc, 19th century.
Danish board, 1712, beech.
Cloth holder, 19th century Walnut
BP emblem, 20th century.
Large teak bowl, 1960s, Denmark.

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