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Aluminia Art Faience vases, figurines baca, tenera
Royal Copenhagen faience Aluminia Vases , figurines, Tenera, Baca and dinnerware

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item no: 
232588 Aluminia Faience Book Leif Bering Mikkelsen
item no: 
190053 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Heart Vase Green 2231 Design Hans Henrik Hansen 1940
item no: 
142796 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Heart Vase Red
item no: 
301713 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience Veronica by Nils Thorson Veronika Vases and flower pots Veronika
2698 Alluminia Veronica (Vase) ca 1956 24.5 cm
item no: 
179724 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
223-115 Aluminia Jardiniere, oval 10 x 30 cm 1901 Blue Flower
item no: 
324576 Aluminia Copenhagen Porcelain trays by 128-280 Aluminia Porcelain Bowl with polar bear on edge 12 cm Knud Kyhn 1931
item no: 
107100 Aluminia 1270-394 Blue flower Vase 18 cm
item no: 
56630 Aluminia Faience Card holder and vase 5 cm 226-603
item no: 
347716 Aluminia RC Faience 967-3849 Cleste Round Blue bowl 3 x 17.5 cm Ellen Malmer
item no: 
286727 Bellona Aluminia 1453 Fruit Bowl, Black Bird on bowl 8.5 x 32 cm , Bellona 1933
item no: 
254267 Gunhild
Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 1453 Fruit Bowl, Black Bird on bowl 8.5 x 32 cm , Gunhild 1933
item no: 
286935 Bellona Aluminia Faience Fruit Plates 20 cm Bellona 1933
item no: 
254268 Gunhild Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 1484-07 Fruitplate, round, 20 cm (N. Th. ) 1933, Gunhild
item no: 
362914 Aluminia Faience Tranquebar 1495-PF75 Tray - Navy Trankebar faience 44 x 31 cm Tallships - outside Kronborg - Elsingnore Castle
item no: 
219445 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
1557 Aluminia Veronica Flower pot 14 x 17 cm I green/brown ca 1956
item no: 
157772 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
1557 Aluminia Veronica Flower pot 14 x 17 cm I green/brown ca 1956
item no: 
216617 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Aluminia Jubilee Mug 14 x 12.5 cm 1713-1963 Crowned Monogram Danish Royal Military Acadamy??
item no: 
243456 Ribbed Royal Copenhagen Brown Tea pot (2225) 15 x 24 cm ca 1940-1943 Aluminia Faience
item no: 
220393 2229 Aluminia D. D. P. A. 1941 Marine Tray 16 cm
item no: 
311824 Pyrolin Ovenproof retro dark Olive Green with white inside
item no: 
251846 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience Jubilee 1713-1963 Officer Army School of Copenhagen
item no: 
152551 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Thule Vase 7 cm Anni Jeppesen 1962
item no: 
361891 Aluminia RC Faience 8-3289 Bell 8 cm Gold decoration
item no: 
254270 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 3311 Candlestick "Thule" 3,5 x 11 cm Anni Jespersen 1963
item no: 
126591 Aluminia Faience Trivets with Piet Hein Gruk in Danish
item no: 
286092 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience 5016-5004 Stoneware Jungle Tray 2.5 x 16.6 cm Nils Thorsson
item no: 
364274 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Art Pottery 5034-5029 Aluminia Vase 17 cm Jungle Series from 1932 "Palm Leaves on island"" Nils Thorsson
item no: 
156568 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
RC Faience Mug Commemorating Copenhagen 1167-1967 15.5 cm
item no: 
127619 Aluminia
Veronica Vases and flower pots
item no: 
231258 Royal Copenhagen Pendant ca 5 x 4 cm Nils Thorsson with chain
item no: 
175573 Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience Thorkild Olsen Art Dish
item no: 
151875 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience 404 Plates with flower decoration ca 20.5 cm
item no: 
138608 Antique Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
Pitcher ca 21 cm
item no: 
88058 Small Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Annual Mugs in stock
item no: 
59701 Large Aluminia Faience Annual mugs
from Royal Copenhagen 10.3 cm high and 10.3 cm without handle