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Stoneware Art Pottery Danish etc. -> Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle pottery
Bjørn Wiinblad pottery for Nymølle and Rosenthal

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item no: 
179527 Bjørn Wiinblad Nymoelle Krus 9 cm 12 month black
10 pcs in stock
item no: 
231054 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark Nymoelle Denmark Fajance DEK 83 Family in sailboat 26 cm
item no: 
231053 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 122 Dek Wiinblad Nymoelle Two Girls Brown 16 cm, round tray
item no: 
363320 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 3024-699 Wiinblad Flower Pot
item no: 
271698 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 3052-1276 The Seasons - Winter 27,5 cm, gold on black
item no: 
171818 Bjorn Wiinblad Nymølle Faience Flower pots
item no: 
231001 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark
Nymoelle 3030-1323 Bowl, black 5 x 27 cm
item no: 
363437 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 3052-1278 The Seasons Wall Plate or dinnerplate
item no: 
231013 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark Nymoelle 3055-1283 Plate Girl with flowers 26 cm Blue
item no: 
171820 The Seasons. Bjorn Wiinblad Nymoelle Faience Plates and other items
item no: 
231014 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark Nymoelle 3057-164 Plate 30,5 cm , blue
item no: 
205970 Bjorn Wiinblad Faience 3105-1312 Plate 25 cm Greenland girl, Nymoelle Black
item no: 
195371 Bjorn Wiinblad 3107 Nymoelle Plate 22 x 28 cm "Salute " Blue
item no: 
283872 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark
Nymoelle 3157-1315 Vase Flora 10 & 12 cm, Blue
item no: 
253406 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark
Nymoelle 3157-1315 Vase Flora 12 cm, black
item no: 
216128 Wiinblad Nymoelle 3565 Mette Large waal plate 35,5 cm
item no: 
231015 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark Nymoelle 8064 Card Tray Jack 12,5 x 9.5 cm
item no: 
269805 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark Kitchen boxes
item no: 
269967 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 6 sided vases
item no: 
309159 Rosenthal set for Sangria & Punch studio line Design Bjørn Wiinblad Blue Glazed with ladle and 12 cups
item no: 
247456 Box with lid 13 cn Rosenthal Bjorn Winblad
item no: 
244512 Romance Flower Vase with lid - bonbon box 15.5 cm Rosenthal Studio-line
item no: 
231005 Bjoern Wiinblad Nymoelle Denmark 8729 Nymoelle, Bowl, Susanne in the bath, black 4.5 x 22 cm 1987
item no: 
230469 Bjoern Wiinblad Danish Art Pottery Bird Candlestick - Chicken L80 1985 Denmark 9 x 16 cm
item no: 
180064 Wiinblad Nymoelle 1753-501 Wiinblad A Midsummer nights dream Act III Scene 1 21,5 cm and 27 cm
item no: 
171819 Bjorn Wiinblad Nymoelle Faience Trivets - wall hanging plates
item no: 
171816 Bjørn Wiinblad Nymoelle Faience Plates squarre ca 19 x 19 Blue and blach Annual Imerco
item no: 
114183 Wiiinblad - The Blue Factory New Year 1966-1967-1968 Cat items
Money Saving Box