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Glass, Drinking Glass, Holmegaard
Agnes or Arne Glass from Holmegaard
Almue, Clear Holmegaard Denmark Glass
Almue, Smoked, Holmegaard Denmark
Alvar Alto White Glass vase
Amager Glass or Twister
Amager - Twist Holmegaard Large Glass 22 cm
Amager Glass 22.5 cm
Apoteker White Opline vase 21.5 cm (D: 11.2 cm)
Art Glass Dish 24 x 26 cm Gitte Graver og Branka Lugonja ?
Art Glass Vase 36 cm Branka Lugonja
Atlantic, Smoked Glass from Holmegaard
Atlantis, Holmegaard Vase - flower pot 11 x 13 cm
Blue and black glass
Atlantis, Holmegaard
Art Glass Round Vase, medium 14.3 cm
Beer Holmegaard Bear Glass , Smoked
Blue Vase 31 cmDesign Otto Brauer Kastrup / Holmegaard
Book Glass Decorated
Broksoe, Holmegaard glass 1938-1941, design Jacob E Bang Blue Bowl 11.5 x 24 cm
Broksoe, Holmegaard glass 1938-1941, design Jacob E Bang Blue Bowl 11.5 x 24 cm
Bygholm Drinking glass and stemware Holmegaard
Canada Holmegaard glass Smoked
Carafe - cover carafe Holmegaard 19 cm
Cascade Holmegaard Cascade Vase 15.5 x 16 cm
Chistmas Holmegaard Liquer Bottels
Christan the 8th (King ) glass -Berlinois
Christiansborg Glass Cognac
Coloured Crystal Glasses Bohemian Roemer glass
Crystal Glass Cristal d'arques, France Pompadour
Crystal Stemware
Decanter 15 cmfor Seagull Glasses from Lyngby that goes with Bing & Grondahl Seagull dinnerware
Decanter with silver mounting on the neck 830 S 39 cm including stopper
Derby Glasses Holmegaard
Derby Green White Wine Glass
Drinking Glass Unknown?
Eaton Glass from Lyngby Glass Manufactory
Ejby glass Holmegaard, Denmark
Ekerby ? Scandinavian Drinking glass service
Flutes Holmegaard Danish Stemware - Flutes
Gisselfeld Drinking Glass from Holmegaard Denmark:
Glass 10.5 x 10 cm Holmegaard ?
Glass Holmegaard
Glass Saltholm
Hanne Glass Danish from Holmegaard
Holmegaard Art Glass 14.5 cm Sakura Michael Bangh
Holmegaard Charlotte Amalie
H. C. Andersen Glass series 1981 - 1987
Holmegaard Christmas Sharp Glass 5.8 cm
Holmegaard Clear Glass Bowl 351-28-11 Sidse Werner 24.5 cm
Holmegaard Green Glass Bowl 351-28-07 Sidse Verner 9 x 20.5 cm
Holmegaard Jubilee glass goblet 19.5 cm x 23.5 cm USA 200 aniversary 1776-1976 Denmark Greets America
Holmegaard Vase Light Blue and white 15.5 cm
Hyacint vases 21 cm Holmegaard Old
Jette Frolich Hotdrinks Christmas Glass Holmegaard 2 pc
Kirsten Pil Danish Glass
Kongeaa Glass from Lyngby
Kosta Boda Art Glass
17 items
Kroglas Holmegaard
INN Glasses
Longchamos Crystal glass White Vine
Mads Stage Glass Cognac 13.5 cm
Mandalay Holmegaard stemware Design Per Lütken since 1962
Marine plate Glass Hplmegaard Denmark
MB Holmegaard MB mini vase, opalline 17.5 cm (D: 6.5 cm)
Minerva Glass Stemware
Northern Light - Nordlys Glass Drinking service Lyngby
Nr. 5 No. Five Danish Stemware Kastruo - Holemgaard
Otto Brauer Vase 52 cm Holmegaard? Danish Glass manufactory since 1962
Out of stock Glass items
21 items
Palet, Carnaby, Rainbow Holmegaard
13 items
Princess Glass from Holmegaard, Denmark
Prisme Crystal Asiets and bowls
Red Crystal Bohemian glass - vases or dringkgals with hunting and game motives 15.5 cm
Red Crystal Vase and flask with stopper Bohemian glass
Regiment Design Sidse Werner for Holmegaard 1972 Danish Stemware
Regiment Design Sidse Werner Holmegaard Glasværk 1972 Icebucket. 15.5 x 13 cm
Saphir Blue - Venice

Drinking Glass
Seagull Lyngby Glass - stemware with gold
Sharp 14.4 cm Glas on high foot Amager or Twister Holmegaard
Ship glass Holmegaard
Stars: Drinking Glass with stars
Stub Glass Holmegaard
Tivoli Glass from Holmegaard
Tosca Lyngby Danish Drinking Glass with Gold
Ulla Glass Holmegaard Kastrup Denmark
Unknown name ? Stemware - drinking glass
White Opline Glass lamp Holmegaard .18.5 cm +mounting
Wien Antik -Drinking Glass Lyngby glass,
Winsor Glass Service from Danish Glass Workshop Kastup