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Antik Damgaard Lauritsen Antik Damgaard Lauritsen

Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen acquires gold, silver, and jewelry – both for resale and remelting.
We believe it is a shame to melt the Danish cultural heritage.

We’re buying

Gold and silver
Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen acquires gold, silver, and jewelry – both for resale and remelting. If you’ve got any dated jewelry, gold and/or silver, we would be happy to take it off your hands. We do not only consider the metal for our appraisal, but also gems, quality design and potential preserving worth. We believe it is a shame to melt the Danish cultural heritage.

We are especially interested in gold and silver jewellery by known designers, jewellery with diamonds or jewellery with colored gems. For instance: Hans Hansen, Georg Jensen, Bent Knudsen, Bent Gabrielsen, Evald Nielsen, diamond jewellery, ruby jewellery, emerald jewellwry, sapphire jewellery, etc.

We are interested in buying diamond jewellery of high quality, preferably with large gems. For instance, diamonds above 1 carat, art deco jewellery. 

Classic antiques
We are especially interested in classic antiques with a history linked to manor houses or other reputable provenience.

We gladly accept anything in silver, such as cutlery, jewellery, platters, candleholders, etc. We also buy defected items that can be mended by our silversmith. We are especially interested in silver from the 18th century and before, but also in newer design by known silversmiths, such as Georg Jensen, Evald Nielsen, Thorvald Bindesbøll, Hans Hansen, Frantz Hingelberg. 

We are experts in Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica, Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted as well as art porcelain and unique items. We gladly accept porcelain by Fanny Garde, Sèvres, Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone, Marie Smidt, Arno Malinowski, Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grøndahl, Meissen, etc.

We are interested in buying gilded bronze, such as chandeliers, centerpieces, candleholders, watches, modern classic bronze sculptures, and Vienna Bronze. For instance: Gerhard Henning, Just Andersen, Otto P., Sterett-Gittings Kelsey, Kai Nielsen, Johannes Bjerg, Einar Utzon-Frank, Keld Moseholm, Theodor Philipsen, Vilhelm Bissen, Jerichau, etc.

Ceramics and stoneware

20th century

We acquire French antique clocks, gold pocket watches, preferably musical or with repetition, and wrist watches for both men and women. Among others, we are interested in these brands: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange & Söhne, Omega, Movado, Cartier, IWC, Urban Jürgensen, etc.

Our specialty is Danish and Norwegian coins as well as gold coins from around the world, including Krugerrand. We buy single coins as well as whole coin collections. 



Estate of deceased person
We acquire estates of deceased persons or because of relocation. You are more than welcome to call us at +45 66141114 to discuss the matter at hand or set up a meeting at your home. We also offer to empty and prepare the estate for a potential sale or transmission.

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