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A Baroque table ring of brass, 17th century. Probably Nürnberg, Germany.
Hertz & Ballin; A pewter lid jar set with an amethyst
Thorvald Petersen; A relief of painted wood
Money box in painted metal from first half of the 20th century
Goldfishbowl in glass cutted with fish and plant motives
Flintstone spearhead in grey and brown nuances
Breadbasket in yellowpainted metal with brass on the edge
Just Andersen; A vase of disko metal #1873
Paul Fischer; A pencil drawing, a young lady with a hat
Heinrich Hansen; An ink drawing 1842, woman with children
Michael Holm; A vinaigrette with glass stones
Russian wooden icon painted in fields each with their own religious motif
W. Von Wright; Coloured lithography
Couple of English terracotta lions
Georg Jensen;
A signet, owl, of sterling silver with chrysopras
Tankard of silver, German
Russian coronation metal and enamel cup
A Viennese bronze letter knife, French around 1900
A French writing set of marble and gilt bronze, around 1900
Silver plated picture frame
Empire bread tray, original painting and gilded handles
Kellinghusen faience deep plate, strawberry plants
Lineol figures
A Danish 18th century silver candleholder
Pharmacies lid jar with painted label
Pharmacies jar with painted label
Pharmacies bottle of glass with painted label
Staffordshire dogs, England approx 1880
Drinking cup in pewter from the navy hospital, Copenhagen.
Swedish chest, approx 1840
Metal breadtrays. 19th. Century
Danish stone axes from Funen
Swedish butter canned in porphyry.
Small Danish jewelry box fitted with leather and gildet bronze approx 1820.
Text available in Danish language
Text available in Danish language
Case in mahogany. France. Approx 1860
Garden fountain in green patinated bronze
Frisian ironcase. Approx year 1800.
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