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Antik Damgaard Lauritsen Antik Damgaard Lauritsen

Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen acquires gold, silver, and jewelry – both for resale and remelting. 
We believe it is a shame to melt the Danish cultural heritage.


Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen offers appraisal and purchase of silver, jewellery, gold, coins, watches, silver cutlery, bronze, ceramics, stoneware, design, modern furniture, lamps, art, antiquities, weapons, paintings, furniture, porcelain, Blue Fluted Plain, Flora Danica, glasses, whole estates, estates of deceased persons as well as gold and silver for remelting.

If there is a prospect for sale, appraisal will be free of charge. This can be done in the store, by email, or at your home. Appraisals regarding home effects, division of properties, insurance and other matters will be charged. The price will be estimated in terms of time consumption. Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions to the above.

Insurance appraisal
Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen collaborates with several Danish insurance companies. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate need of an appraisal for your insurance company, it will be free of charge for you as a customer as we will send the invoice to the insurance company. Please bring the name of your insurance company, insurance policy number, and potentially the name of the insurance inspector.

If you wish to reacquire your belongings, we will gladly help you and in this situation, the insurance appraisal will be free of charge. Regarding reacquisition of belongings, we collaborate with Scalepoint among others.

House effects/estate of deceased person
We assess everything from single items to whole estates. We also offer to empty and prepare the estate for a potential sale.

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