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Berlinois port wine glass

Berlinois port wine glass

Berlinois port wine glass Berlinois port wine glass Berlinois port wine glass
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on the internet Height 10.5 cm.
Berlinois is made at all the larger Danish glassworks, Holmegaard, Kastrup and Fyens Glasværk from the end of the 19th century up to the 1940s, where it is taken out of production. Today, it is impossible to tell the different glassworks glass from each other.

Up to 16 different sizes of this glass have been produced, from snaps to champagne flutes.

Berlinois is the none cut version of Christian the 8th and, unlike this, was not made for private use, but for use on inns and pubs.
It is today a rare glass, despite the large number produced. The glasses have naturally been crushed.

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