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Tranquebar tray

Tranquebar tray

Tranquebar tray Tranquebar tray Tranquebar tray
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on the internet Length 22.5 cm.

Model number 11/1102.

1. assortment.
Tranquebar was first made at Aluminia and since 1968 at Royal Copenhagen.

The dinnerware was designed by Christian Joachim Slott Møller in 1914 and was in permanent production until 1995 when it finally was taken out of production.

In addition to the famous blue variant, Tranquebar is also found in brown, red, green and a variant called "New Tranquebar" where the braided blue is replaced by a thinner cross-edge.

The dinnerware has been very popular for several decades and is seen, among other places in Matador at Elisabeth Friis.
Tranquebar consists of several hundred parts from the smallest ashtray to large unique wood-burning stoves and wall platters.

Tranquebar is named the Danish trading station in southern India, founded in 1620 and Danish until 1845.

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