About us

Moster Olga antique has been started and is still run by Gitte Olga and Niels Holbak.
We started our business with buying and selling antique goods in various markets in Sweden and Denmark. Then we had a short time with business in Sankt Hansgade in Nørrebro, one of the old antique streets in Copenhagen , where we were a member of F.A.I.R. Then we founded the shop in Gl. Jernbanevej 30 in Valby, where we stayed with the antique store for 12 years.
In parallel, we had a larger warehouse on Refshaleøen with a few colleagues. From here we drove container shipping of 60’s teak and rosewood furniture to Japan and the USA, as well as other exports of other furniture types, paintings, etc. primarily for a European market.
Now we have moved to South Zealand, from where we continue our sales section as this website’s online store. We hope you will find our product catalog inspiring and you are always welcome to send questions and suggestions to: mail@mosterolga.dk
Moster Olga-antik
v/ Gitte Olga og Niels Holbak
Tlf. +45  2867 2080