There is a right of withdrawal and a right of complaint when purchasing goods according to the Consumer Contracts and Purchase Act.


Applies only to distance selling / online shopping for private individuals




Right of withdrawal


relating to. cancellation of purchase applies the Consumer Contracts Act. There is thus a 14-day right of return calculated from the day of arrival of the item to the customer. When using this right, however, you must contact the seller in writing within the time limit and state that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal before the item is returned. According to the law, goods returned must be in the same condition and quantity as at the time of purchase, and the buyer must, according to the law, pay for the return shipment. The seller repays the purchase price of the item within 14 days.


Right of complaint:


Should you receive an item that is transport-damaged, defective or suffers from defects, and the defect has not been reported by the seller before the transaction, please for insurance reasons, do not return the item immediately, but contact the seller (e-mail) as soon as possible to agree further on the return of the item. One may be offered remedy or a new delivery if possible, an appropriate reduction in the price or cancellation of the purchase and refund of the amount.


Our item is sold according to special rules for used VAT, the buyer can not deduct purchase VAT.


Privacy Policy


Klitsantik processes the guest's personal data securely and in accordance with the Personal Data Act. We never collect sensitive personal information and only process your collected personal data to provide and document your purchases. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission, unless authorities require them to be disclosed.


Collection and processing of personal data

In our webshop, we only collect personal data when necessary in connection with your purchase. We collect the following personal data upon your purchase:


Your full name

Your order's delivery address


IP number of the internet connection you are shopping from.

Phone number

Payment details

When collecting, processing and using your personal data, we always comply with all relevant legal provisions. We only store your personal data for as long as we have a legal obligation to do so, or for as long as you wish.


Basis of treatment and purpose

We only collect your personal information when you complete a transaction in our webshop. This only so that the exhibitor can complete the order and send you the item. We collect your e-mail address and telephone number in order to send you an order confirmation and provide information about shipping, and so that we can easily contact you if the need arises in connection with your order.


When you pay for your order on the check-out page, we collect your name and IP address. This information is used and stored only in connection with the settlement of payments and to fulfill the agreement entered into.


Deletion / preservation of personal data and data on purchases.

Our rules on deletion of orders are largely governed by our need to comply with section 10 of the Accounting Act. We have no interest in keeping your data for longer than you might wish. Conversely, the majority of our guests benefit from being able to document their purchases many years back, and for these we want to ensure a safe storage of their data.


You can delete your entire account, which means you can no longer log in and see your completed orders. Log in to your account and complete the "delete my account" procedure from here. Please note that orders younger than 5 years will still be visible at the individual exhibitor. Orders older than 5 years and belonging to a deleted account are automatically deleted completely from our database.


You can delete some orders. Log in to your account, and when an order is more than 5 years old, you can select "delete order history" at the order level.


Other recipients of personal data

We will never share your personal data with 3rd person


Payment gateway in our system, is what you use if you choose payment by card or mobilepay. So NOT if you choose cash for pickup or account transfer. The payment gateway we use is Quickpay.


Your rights

If you are registered in our webshop system, you of course have the right to know what information we have registered in our system. As mentioned above, you can view, delete or correct your personal data yourself. You can also delete order data that is more than 5 years old, but you can not delete or correct order data that is younger than 5 years.


Cookies policy

On our web pages (both and the exhibitors') Cookies for Google Analytics. We do this primarily for statistics, but also to improve the website's functions and optimize usability. No personally identifiable information is stored in our cookies.