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Bing & Grondahl Art Nouveau Stoneware Vase No 1059 by Cathinka Olsen. Measures 16.5 cm / 6 1/2 in. In good condition. Danam Antik
Bing & Grondahl Unique Illustrated Vase No. 215 by Cathinka Olsen

Bing & Grondahl Unique Illustrated Vase by Cathinka Olsen. 17 cm H (6 11/16"). In good whole condition with some skratches around it here and there. 17 cm H (6 11/16")
Danam Antik
Bing & Grondahl Unika Art Nouveau Bowl by Cathinka Olsen #74.

Measures 21,8cm / 8 3/5".
Danam Antik
Bing & Grondahl Unique vase by Cathinka Olsen #1763. Measures 13,5cm. Danam Antik
Bing and Grondahl Unique Vase by Cathinka Olsen. Measures 11cm has hairline crack at rim. Danam Antik
Bing & Grondahl Art Nouveau Unique dish by Cathinka Olsen #890. Measures 11cm and is in perfect condition. Danam Antik
B&G Porcelain
B&G 7709-181 Cup with winter landscape 9 x 7 cm Signed CO Cathinga Olsen

Bing and Grondahl B&G 7709-181 Cup with winter landscape 9 x 7 cm Signed CO Cathinka Olsen Marked with the three Royal Towers of Copenhagen. Bing & Groendahl In mint and nice condition
Cathinka, Catinka, Catinga
Bing & Grondahl Cathinka Olsen Unique Plate #23. Measures 24cm and is in good condition. But has a factory sanding down on the rim, at 8 o'clock. Danam Antik
Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plate 1904

Bing & Grondahl (B&G) Christmas Plate from 1904 "View Of Copenhagen from the Frederiksberg Hill”. Designed by Cathinka Olsen. In nice and mint condition Bing & Groendahl porcelain
Cathinga, Catinga, Catinka, Katinga

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