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Model number 333 or 74.
Harsted Antik
Blue Fluted Plain Danish porcelain, ash-tray for cigars

Blue Fluted plain China porcelain dinnerware by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark.
Ash-tray for cigars No 1 of 1st quality in a good used condition.
Ö 10.5cm
Royal Copenhagen ashtray

RC. Koneglig porcelain askebæger.Motiv from Varna palace is a forest restaurant in Marselisborg forest south of Aarhus. Constructed 1908-1909 for the National Exhibition in Aarhus in 1909. Designed by architect Eggert Achen (1853-1913).
Stentoft Antik
Royal Copenhagen
Blue Fluted Half Lace

Kuvertaskebæger 504
Ø 7 cm
Kr. 85,-
Stari Antik & Classic

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