People are different. For that reason we all decorate our homes in different ways.
But we do have some things in common when it comes to interior decoration.
And no home is complete without something beautiful to decorate the walls.
Even though the majority of my collection consists of glas and porcelain, I also reguarly sell litographies, paintings and miniature portraits.
I have selected pieces that I like myself by artists such as Henry Heerup, William Skotte Olsen and artist like them.

Click on an image to view a large photo, a detailed description and price.

item no: 

Miniature portrait of a boy

3,400.- DKK per item

item no: 

Miniature picture of an officer

2,500.- DKK per item

item no: 

Portrait of Jacob Rosted Suur

1,800.- DKK per item

item no: 

Miniature portrait of a boy

1,500.- DKK per item

item no: 

Miniature of Zoé Talon du Cayla

1,800.- DKK per item

item no: 

Miniature of A. S. Ørted

4,000.- DKK per item

item no: 

Modern Danish lithography

1,200.- DKK per item

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