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About Susan Ritterband

Curriculum Vitae
  • Master of science at the Conservation School, art stream, The Royal Danish Academy of Art.
  • Minor in art history from the University of Copenhagen
  • Studied at conservation schools in Rome and New York.
  • Conservator at conservation studio in Bamberg, Germany.
  • Conservator at Kunstmuseernes Fælleskonservering, Århus Art Museum
  • Own studio since 1982

Work performed in the course of the years:
  • Restoration of an Ejler Bille painting, found in a trash container
  • Repair of a large painting that had been cut out of its frame in a robbery
  • Cleaning of an Asger Jorn painting, sold for 800.000 DKK at auction
  • Discovery of a date on a painting by Anna Ancher
  • Repair of a tear in a Michael Ancher painting featured in the film "Elise"
  • Restoration of a crumpled up painting by Egil Jacobsen
  • Restoration of Paul Høm painting displayed in Scala, Streckers Restaurant
  • Restoration of Mogens Zielger painting, "In the Land of Food", displayed in the soupkitchen in Lyrskovgade
Susan Ritterband

Examples of artists whose works have been treated in Susan Ritterband's studio:

Picasso, Andy Warhole, Miro, Braque, Abildgård, L.A.Ring, Henry Heerup, Vilh, Lundstrøm, Th.Phillipsen, Brendekilde, Otto Bache, Av Reyni, P.S.Krøyer, and many more



Insurance companies, auction houses, businesses, museums, galleries, antique dealers, the Foreign Ministry, the Royal Theater, Copenhagen Cultural Foundation, Art in the Workplace, castles, manor houses, and private individuals.