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Conservation with a light touch

Tobacco, dust, soot, yellowed varnish, water, humidity fluctuations, moving, incorrect hanging, etc. play a part in damaging paintings. Conservation and restoration can in most cases repair the damage. Also when the damage includes tears, vandalism or flaking color, it is usually possible to bring the painting back to its original appearance.

In order to respect the original painting, only the absolutely necessary treatment of each individual problem is carried out. The painting's age, colors, structure and materials are taken into consideration. Only scientifically tested materials are used during the restoration. To be sure of the best possible results, the studio uses the most modern equipment in the field of conservation.

Examples of cleaning where one half of each painting is cleaned.
eckersberg.jpg (9768 bytes) sabiner.jpg (13326 bytes)
Seascape by Eckersberg

Rape of the Sabine Women


Restoration is museum quality. Contact the studio for a non-binding estimate.


lundstrom.jpg (13146 bytes) torstigmand.jpg (13138 bytes)
LundstÝm: Still life

Erik Henningsen: The Thirsty Man


Example of conservation and restoration of "Italian Troubadour Scene" from the 1800's.

Before treatment After treatment
samp1.jpg (19189 bytes) samp2.jpg (19994 bytes)
Here the damage includes: Loose paint flakes,
peeling paint, yellowed varnish, and dirt.
Colour is reattached, areas with
missing colour are puttied and retouched,
and the painting is cleaned.
samp3.jpg (32583 bytes) samp4.jpg (33820 bytes)
Detail before treatment Same detail after treatment

Precedures carried out by the conservation studio:

  • Cleaning of dirt and yellowed varnish
  • Repair of holes and tears
  • Retouching of missing colour
  • Consolidation of loose colour
  • Relining (extra canvas behind the painting)
  • Flattening of bulges
  • Repair of other damage
  • Evaluation of condition of collections or individual paintings