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Lighting:Floor- and table lamps (1)
Pictorial art:Paintings (8) Watercolour (5) Drawings (5) Lithographics (10) Other (2)
Bronze, copper, pewter etc.:Bronze (1) Pewter (2) Other (3)
Books, postcards, maps:Books, non-fiction (1)
Glass:Drinking glass (3) Vases (1) Other (1)
Pottery and stoneware:Figurines (20) Design (1) Other (6)
Furniture:Farmer furniture (1)
Furniture, design:Tables (1) Sofas (1)
Porcelain and faience:Figurines (3) Other (7)
Various:Etnografica (10) Other (11)

Category: Pictorial art >> Paintings

Leif Rydeng oil painting. Vejrø 61. H. 45,5 cm. W. 60 . . .
Peter Nicolaisen 100x100 cm. Ballum. schakenborg castle
Anni Løgstrup Scene from Erimitagen H50 B60 cm.
oil painting by gitz johansen
oil painting by poul s nielsen
Painting by Anne Mette Jørgensen
Painting by Anne Mette Jørgensen
Painting by Poul Ekelund. Denmark. Naked woman. 59x55

Category: Pictorial art >> Watercolour

Leif Rydeng geese 65x75cm.
åge gitz johansen 72x62 birds
leif rydeng king edergans greenland 42x35
Watercolour by Leif Rydeng
Watercolour by gitz johansen

Category: Pictorial art >> Drawings

Leif Ryding woodcuts, sparrowhawk 50X55
Leif Ryding woodcuts, Crane 23X29cm
Leif Ryding woodcuts, guillemots 40X50cm
Leif Ryding woodcut vibe young 23X25cm
woodcut leif rydeng

Category: Pictorial art >> Lithographics

Robert Jakobsen composition Etchning 52x52cm
Robert Jakobsen hand coloret etching 86x80cm.
leif rydeng woodcut swans 34x31
niels balslev lithograph cock 63x85
gerda åkesson lithograph 60x75
per lergaard lithograph bornholm 65x85
Lithographer by Jens Søndergaard
Woodcut by Johannes Larsen
Print by Kærbølling

Category: Pictorial art >> Other

Original hand coloret woodcut about 1600. Pier Andrea Ma . . .

Category: Bronze, copper, pewter etc. >> Bronze

Just Andersen disco Arno Malinovski h.15cm.

Category: Bronze, copper, pewter etc. >> Pewter

Augustenborg tin candlestick. Hight 22,5 cm.
Augustenborg candlesticks.

Category: Bronze, copper, pewter etc. >> Other

Just andersen disco h.11,5cm art nouveau
Just Andersen disco h.13cm art nouveau

Category: Glass >> Drinking glass

absalon glass

Category: Glass >> Vases

Blå vase (findes i flere farver), Fyn 1910, højde 12 cm.

Category: Glass >> Other

Orange swedish glass bowl. H. 10,5 cm. D. 20 cm.

Category: Pottery and stoneware >> Figurines

Rooster ca.1900 h.12cm Money box
Dog ca1900. h.13cm Money box.
Sheep ca1900 l.9,5cm Money box
Parrot ca.1900 h.17cm. Money box
Dog ca.1900 h.13cm. Money box
Dog ca1900 h.13cm. Money box
Pig Fåborg ca.1880 l.13cm Money box
Ming warrior 1500 h.32cm.
Ming warrior 1500 h.31cm.
Ming from 1368 to 1644. Green glazed Messenger h,27cm.
Ming rider 1500 s h.17 cm.
Ming women 1500 tallet h.22 cm.
Ming rider 1500 s. h.35cm.
Ming rider woman 1500 figur h.34 cm.
Ming men 1500 century china
Ming rider China 1500 century. H.31 cm.
mermaid søren kongstrand h.33.
money box
money box

Category: Pottery and stoneware >> Design

polycrombowl micael andersen about 1930 h.27cm.

Category: Pottery and stoneware >> Other

Money box Holbæk ca 1850 h.9 cm.
Money box Nr. Uttrup ca 1850 h.10cm.
Money box Jylland ca 1850 h.11cm.
Money box fyn ca 1850 10cm.
Maternity pot ca.1860 h.29cm.

Category: Furniture >> Farmer furniture

Cupboard tullebølle langeland 1788 original painting. h7 . . .

Category: Furniture, design >> Tables

Folding table teak 85x85/150 h73 P M volther

Category: Furniture, design >> Sofas

Arne Magnusen bed suede taupe L155 H70 D55. good condition.

Category: Porcelain and faience >> Figurines

In the forest should be feesting pelikan h.15cm. kaa h.1 . . .
aluminia shapes h.12cm. stk 500 kr
Aluminia figure - Emperor 17,5cm

Category: Porcelain and faience >> Other

Aluminia earthenware diameter 20cm
Aluminia earthenware diameter 20cm
Aluminia earthenware diameter 23cm
Earthen mug hannover munthen about 1780 h.18 d.9,5 good . . .
Earthen mug hannover munthen about 1780 h.23 d.11. good . . .
kellingehusen plate
kellingehusen plate

Category: Various >> Etnografica

Tupilak Greenland l10,5cm seal
Tupilak Greenland h.16cm. beer.
Tupilak Greenland h.12,5cm. beer.
Tupilak Greenland h.11cm prisoners
Tomahawk Navaho approx. 1830, 16 cm. sundes collection
Native trephine, Vancouver, North America around 1830, 1 . . .
tupilak eastgreenland
tupilak eastgreenland.
Wooden mask. Western Africa.

Category: Various >> Other

Roan antelope
Mortar ca1750 Spain dia 14cm. h.9cm.
Weaving gate with hearts denmark 1819 h.21.
Lokkegås, Fyn approx. 1900 length 35 height 25.
Bjergvipstjert couple height 12cm app.1920
Capercaillie couple height 44cm app.1920
decoy bird